Lore! Here you can find some basic info about the main and secondary characters!
                       Name: Ucogi
                       Gender: Female
                       Age: 18

Facts: She is obsessed with cleaning. She possesses a unique fighting style of unknown origin (involving brooms)
History: She was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a baby and she doesn't know who her parents are. She was trained by a militant cult and ended up working as a maid for the powerful Mr. Tremmors.

During that time she continued her training and she met a part-time maid named Rudy. After cleaning up Mr. Tremmors' mess, she left to follow her dreams.  She tried to make money but she was conned. Thankfully she met Dedu who helps her alongside Rudy.

Soon after she was captured by Alice, who wanted info about Tremmors. They were both sent in the MoGi island to help. After that, Ucogi was free to live her life.
                        Name: Rudy
                        Gender: Female
                        Age: 16

Facts: She works part-time as maid with Ucogi. She is kind of weird.
Rumors: Makes embarrassing stuff happen to Ucogi, because she is jealous of her.
                       Name: Irene
                       Gender: Female
                       Age: 18

Facts: Is the main character in the comic Amazing Amazons. She is a shameless nymphomaniac.
Rumors: Seemingly she has no sexual limits. Her boobs are fake.
                        Name: Dedu
                        Gender: Male
                        Age: 20s

Facts:  He is scared of Alice.
Rumors: He likes Ucogi
                         Name: Alice
                         Gender: Female
                         Age: unknown

Facts: Her known attacks are all related to her hair. She can fabricate her hair into spikes, spears, shields, armor, even into black-hole tornadoes.
Rumors: Nobody has seen her naked and lived.
Mr Tremmors' daughter.
Mr Tremmors' wife.
Rudy's classmate.
Sleyce's classmate.
Rudy's boyfriend (sometimes!)
Gore in the Dark
Alice escapes the MoGi island for the first time!